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 What do we offer?

Quality education is increasingly important - for the individual student, for the reputation of the institution, and for ensuring that New Zealand ranks favourably on the international stage.

Focus Consultancy provides leadership and enhancement services to enable education and training providers to benchmark, improve and manage their own quality assurance processes.

We can also provide professional development to teachers to effectively teach science. mathematics and digital technology, and supervise action research projects focused on raising the quality of teaching using student achievement data.

We have expert knowledge in areas such as:
  • Research and development
  • Professional development and learning for teachers (all areas of Science, Mathematics & Digital Technologies, Primary & Secondary)
  • Programme viability reviews
  • Qualification development
  • Educational design / instructional design
  • External Evaluation and Review (EER) preparation
We provide:

  • consultancy and advice on quality assurance
  • consultancy on STEM curriculum design in schools including the new Digital Technologies curriculum
  • consultancy on Science Teaching Leadership programmes in schools
  • auditing quality processes
  • presentations and workshops
  • collaborative projects such as mentoring and project supervision
If you need flexibilty we offer:

  • One-to-one on-site assistance
  • Video/Skype real-time support
  • Bespoke workshops
  • Written reports / critiques
If you need STEM professional development, are dealing with compliance issues, trying to establish quality benchmarks, or want guidance in setting up a new institution, give us a call on 021-025-11200 or email us at admin@focus-consultancy.co.nz
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